Collection: Set and Tailor

When you are a woman today, it is important to know how to combine beauty, elegance, but also modernity. And to do this, there's nothing like a trendy dress style through chic and stylish women's clothing. If you are looking for the shop where to find women's items that really suit you, you have come to the ideal address. Indeed, Oummati is the shop selling Islamic clothing at the moment, especially for Muslim women. With us you can find dresses, coats and even sets and suits for women available in several sizes and for all tastes, but typical clothes and items of Muslim culture.

In addition, as regards our suits and sets for women, Chez Oummati, a Muslim shop for women's clothing, we have a very large collection. And as we put the Muslim woman at the center of our activity, this collection incorporates elegant and chic clothes that will allow you to highlight the Muslim culture through your clothing style. Indeed, our selection of sets and suits includes a very large number of different and above all varied models to allow you to find the piece that suits you! Discover now our different sets with shirt, tunic or tracksuit and our super elegant and original suits. If you want to represent and embody this modern woman who sleeps in you, choose the suits and sets for women on sale here!

Our sets and suits for Muslim women